The Right Type of Activity

The question of the right physical activity is a highly subjective one. Many aspects should be considered. 

Current research recommends 150 minutes of moderate to high intensity aerobic activity per week in bouts of 10 min or more. Adding 2 days of muscle and bone strengthening of major muscle groups in addition is advised. 

It is essential to find an activity that fits your lifestyle. Something that you can see yourself doing consistently and something that does not feel too hard. Most people are unsuccessful because their routine becomes too hard to follow. 

It's great to find an activity that does not feel overwhelming such as: sports, yoga, hiking, dance.

One more way to stay consistent with physical activity is to have other people hold you accountable. Personal trainers, group classes, or activity groups are good examples.

Another aspect to consider is finding the appropriate activity for your fitness level, medical condition, previous levels of activity. If you've been an athlete in the past, an athletic activity might be better suited for you.

When starting a physical activity program it is essential to progress gradually starting with lighter activities and progressing slowly through intensity and duration. 

Please ask us for more specific advice.