Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Both Acupuncture and Dry Needling can be very effective modalities used to help in the rehabilitation process by reducing both acute and chronic pain. Though some people use the terms interchangeably they are distinctly different approaches, techniques, approaches and uses.


Acupuncture has it's origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses needles inserted at points found along meridian lines, representing different parts of the body. As a subtle and gentle therapy it is used to balance the flow of energy (chi) and while you might experience an ache, cramp and dullness with the needle it is mostly a relaxing experience.

Dry Needling

The theory is that neuromuscular dysfunction can be the result of trigger points in the muscle that create pain and decrease function in a given area of the body. Dry Needling is a more intense approach which uses needles deep in the tissue to invoke a twitch response in the trigger point which releases it to normal functioning.

Treatment Options

Usually one method is the best option for your issue. Give us a call to find the most appropriate treatment, which in some cases can be both, in conjunction with continued physiotherapy treatment.